Excess Home Owner Grant for Self-Taxing First Nations

Under Section 14 of the Indian Self Government Enabling Act (the Act), a band that has elected for self-taxation may be eligible to receive a grant in place of the benefits that are payable under the Home Owner Grant Act. Certain conditions apply, such as to whom the band must pass on the benefit and the manner in which the benefit amount has been determined.

In order to receive the grant, the program you administer should mirror that of the provincial Home Owner Grant Act. For details please see the Home Owner Grant section of our website.

How to Apply

Written application should be addressed to the Surveyor of Taxes, Property Taxation Branch and mailed to:

Ministry of Finance

With your application, please include a list of all property owners within the band's jurisdiction including:

  • their names and folios;
  • the amount of tax paid;
  • the grant amount allowed, if any;
  • birthdates, where applicable; and
  • a copy of the current year BC Assessment Roll.

Your application will be reviewed and if the band is eligible and the application complies with conditions set out under the Act, a cheque will be issued to cover the amount of Home Owner Grants given to taxpayers that would be otherwise in excess over school tax revenue otherwise collected on behalf of the province.

You may be contacted about your application as part of the review.

If you have any queries about the program, please contact the School Tax Administrator of the Property Taxation Branch at:


250 361-8553 or 250 590-0239

Toll Free
In Vancouver: 604 660-2421
Elsewhere in BC: 1 800 663-7857


250 953-3094