Student Loans - Online Services

An online web based service (Biller Direct) is now available. This green option allows a person to electronically access their account(s) held with Revenue Services of British Columbia (RSBC). It is secure and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We offer the following online services:

  • Request an email notification that your invoice/bill is available for viewing,
  • Discontinue receipt of your paper invoice/bill,
  • Retrieve your invoice/bill,
  • View your account online or download it to a spreadsheet file,
  • Update and view your address, email address and telephone number,
  • Make a credit card payment online.
  • Obtain an “Application for Pre-Authorized Debit” form.

To access your account, you are required to:

  • Have a copy of your RSBC invoice/bill, and
  • Obtain a “Personal BCeID” (requires identity verification in person at a BCeID Point of Service location near you).

Obtaining a Personal BCeID:

Obtaining a Personal BCeID is a two part process:

Part 1 consists of five online steps and takes about ten minutes to complete at

Part 2 requires you to present government issued identity documents in-person at a BCeID Point of Service location.

Acceptable identification documents are:

  • Birth Certificate issued by a Canadian province or territory
  • Certificate of Citizenship issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Please note that the large commemorative documents of citizenship issued after February 14, 1977 will not be accepted
  • Permanent Resident Card issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada

You will also need a valid photo identification document issued in the last 5 years. Acceptable photo identification documents are:

  • Driver's Licence issued by a Canadian jurisdiction
  • BC Identification Card issued by ICBC
  • Canadian Passport

If the names on your documents do not match (for example: maiden name and married name), you must provide additional documentation that supports changes of your legal name. Acceptable documents are:

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Proof of Marriage
  • Change of Name Certificate issued by a Canadian Province or Territory

Once you have validated your identity at the BCeID Point of Service location and your Personal BCeID is activated, you are now able to subscribe/sign up for online (Biller Direct) services.

Subscribe/Sign Up for Online Services (Biller Direct):

Subscription allows you to register your Personal BCeID to your account(s) in the online Biller Direct service. This is a one time only requirement to access your account.

You will be requested to enter your account number and two shared secrets, which are located on your paper invoice/bill.

If you do not have your invoice/bill you may call RSBC with your activated Personal BCeID and request that the Agent does a manual subscription/sign up process for your account.

To subscribe and then access online services (Biller Direct) go to

Browser Requirements:

No special hardware is required to use Biller Direct. You will need Internet access and a browser such as:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.5 or higher,
  • Netscape version 7.0 or higher, or
  • Mozilla version 1.6 or higher

The Internet browser requirements are:

  • 128 Bit SSL is supported
  • JavaScript is enabled
  • Cookies are activated

Security of Information:

To ensure your privacy, the Biller Direct service uses the following features to ensure that your information is secure:

  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption method. This protects all data, such as credit card number, name and address so that these cannot be decoded by unauthorized persons when being transferred via the Internet.
  • 128-bit encryption to make your information secure.
  • There is an automatic session sign-out if your session is inactive for a set period of time. We recommend that you sign out immediately after using the Biller Direct Service.