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January 26, 2016

FIN 461, Application for Authorization to Sell Coloured Fuel form has been revised. It now includes step-by-step instructions and the redesigned form makes it easier to complete.

January 19, 2016

Bulletin PST 504, Contractors Who are Also Retailers or Wholesalers, has been revised to clarify when contractors are eligible for a refund of PST paid on goods incorporated into other goods for resale.
The Guide to Completing the Generic Motor Fuel Tax Return is a new guide that provides detailed information to help collectors and registered consumers under the Motor Fuel Tax Act (MFTA) complete the Generic Motor Fuel Tax Return.
Bulletin PST 208, Goods for Resale, is a new bulletin that explains the PST exemptions for goods for resale.
Bulletin CTB 005, Penalties and Interest, has been completely rewritten and replaces the previous version dated July 2011.
A new security feature was added to eTaxBC. If you use eTaxBC, you will need to enter an access code the first time you log on to your eTaxBC account, even if you are a current eTaxBC user. You can get your access code at any time Ė you donít need to wait until you file your next return. Learn more about the new security feature.

January 14, 2016

Bulletin PST 135, Multijurisdictional Vehicles, has been revised to:
  • correct the date in the refund example that explains when a refund claim must be received,
  • clarify the instructions for calculating the depreciation rate,
  • add information and examples to show how PST applies when you make sales that include a mix of taxable goods, exempt goods and related services, and
  • add information to help you ensure the refund application is submitted by the person entitled to the refund.

January 5, 2016

FIN 472, Application for Refund of Provincial Fuel Tax for Persons with Disabilities, has been revised so you can now claim the fuel you purchased in each area of BC (Victoria Area, Vancouver Area, Other Areas of BC) for each calendar year.


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