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July 23, 2015

Bulletin GEN 002, Appeals, has been revised to remove reference to the Residential Energy Credit and Rebate Program and Hotel Room Tax.


June 2, 2015

BC Assessment undertook a recent project to verify agricultural land reserve (ALR) status across the province for all properties over two acres. This may have changed their determination of how property qualifies for the ALR tax exemption. For more information, see their BC Assessment Information Bulletin (PDF).


May 28, 2015

Form FIN 62, 2015 Renewal Application Property Tax Deferment Program, is now available.

May 19, 2015

The following 2015 Property Tax Deferment applications and guides are now available:
  • FIN 28, Families with Children Property Tax Deferment Program Application and Agreement
  • FIN 28 Guide, Families with Children Property Tax Deferment Program Application and Agreement Guide
  • FIN 51, Property Tax Deferment Program Application and Agreement
  • FIN 51 Guide, Property Tax Deferment Program Application and Agreement Guide

May 07, 2015

Form FIN 74, Form B, Certificate of Physician and Property Owner, is revised to clarify who qualifies to provide physician certification of a permanent disability for the Home Owner Grant and to add nurse practitioners as qualifying physicians.

The following publications have been updated with information for the 2015 property tax year and several clarifications.

Bulletin HOG 001, Home Owner Grant Program
Information Sheet 2007-001, Home Owner Grant Low Income Supplement Program
Information Sheet 2012-001, Home Owner Grant Veterans Supplement

May 05, 2015

The following bulletins have been updated to clarify that child includes a step-child:

Bulletin PTT 005, Exemptions for the Transfer of a Principal Residence
Bulletin PTT 007, Exemptions for the Transfer of a Recreational Residence
Bulletin PTT 008, Exemptions for Transferring a Family Farm
Bulletin PTT 009, Exemptions for Transfers to and from a Family Farm Corporation


February 03, 2015

The Appeals webpages and Bulletin GEN 002, Appeals, have been updated to make it easier for you to find the information you need.

Form FIN 298, Appeal to Minister, is a new form you can use to file an appeal related to an assessment, disallowed refund or other decision made by the Ministry of Finance.

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